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Supply Chain Review
& Benchmarking

Measure your performance against best-in-class companies and industries to identify improvement opportunities.

FM Benchmarking allows you to measure your performance against best-in-class companies and industries to identify improvement opportunities.

Through our advanced Supply Chain Review process we diagnose and analyse supply chain performance and benchmark it against industry best practice. Our benchmarking data is collected from a wide range of industries and sources to deliver a true best practice standard that is practical and relevant to your company and industry.

Looking at supply chain costs as a percentage of sales, ‘best in class performers have roughly half the costs of ‘average in class performers. In other words, if you’re an average performer, your supply chain costs are likely twice that of the best performers.

Best in class performers have higher asset turnover because inventories are lower, often by 20-40 percent comparatively, while customer response times are faster. In a climate of tight credit and higher capital costs, those that can successfully generate superior cashflows and return on capital employed (ROCE) will outperform.

FM Benchmarking can identify your biggest “bang for buck” improvement opportunities by analysing world’s best practice to your organisation’s current performance. KPIs/benchmarks can include areas such as demand, inventory, warehousing, transportation and other supply chain functions to help build a picture of performance. Get a Supply Chain Review now.

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