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Providing supply chain solutions and experiences!

We implement and support best-of-breed supply chain solutions, as well as provide other expert technical services.

FM Systems division implement and support a number of best-of-breed solutions. We also design and implement Performance Management Tools and offer a range of solutions.

FM Systems aim to ensure that planning systems are optimally configured to support the business goals, operating environment and planning processes.

We strive to deliver the maximum possible benefit for your investment in supply chain planning systems and to transfer the knowledge for planning system configuration and maintenance to your team. FM has partnerships with:

GAINS Forecasting, Optimisation & Planning is a sophisticated ‘best-of-breed’ demand, inventory and supply chain solutions and planning and optimisation system.

Supply Chain Guru
Llamasoft’s supply chain solutions Guru is an advanced Supply Chain Network Optimisation tool that enables companies to model, optimise and simulate their supply chain operations, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability, and risk mitigation

Performance Management Tools
GRA design and implement performance reporting and management systems for our clients to help them make important strategic decisions. Tools such as scorecards, dashboards and reports create KPIs from the enterprise data and present them in a visually compelling manner to monitor the health of the business. In addition to Performance Management Tools, GRA also design and implement data migration solutions, as well as a range of other technical solutions.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Also referred to as software on-demand, SaaS is a solution delivery model where application software and related data are centrally hosted in the cloud. GRA have a flexible approach to this service, offering different solutions depending on our client’s needs and requirements.

Zycus is a leading global provider of complete Source-to-Pay suite of procurement performance solutions. Their product portfolio includes applications for both the strategic and the operational aspects of procurement – eProcurement, invoicing, Spend Analysis, sourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management and Financial Savings Management. Zycus helps procurement create greater business impact across verticals like Manufacturing, Automotives, Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Health and Pharma, Education and more. Zycus also have extensive experience in delivering Source-to-Pay solutions across all levels of Government within Australia and New Zealand. This strong understanding offers clients the ability to implement processes which are aligned to best practice but can also be customised to meet their respective needs.

Why Zycus?

  • Standardised processes and templates
  • Easy to use and highly configurable state-of-the-art software
  • Industry leading customer satisfaction
  • Responsive customer support and commitment to deliver clients’ unique requirements
  • Straightforward engagement and management of suppliers through a zero-cost supplier portal
  • Suite of AI products to automate manual and repetitive procurement tasks
  • Deliver savings through improved sourcing practices

    Typical Benefits

  • Efficiencies created from automated and standardised Purchase-to-Pay processes
  • Straightforward spend analysis
  • Reduced risk from supplier pre-qualification
  • Simplified supplier engagement and management
  • Resource usage and cycle time reduction
  • Improved decision-making during sourcing
  • Shift from contract management to performance management
  • Reduced reliance on paper-based processes
  • Movement along the procurement maturity curve

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